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PVP In Meltankos Zone


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This happened about 14:40 Swedish time, For me atleast.


Characters being reported: Deyne & Ktbullet

Character Reporting: Lame A.k.a Noodles

Reason: I reported cause i was being disturbed by PvP in meltankos zone. (Shadow confirmed it was not allowed)



Deyne: http://imgur.com/jbAwFzI

Ktbullet: http://imgur.com/yavLstB


People in my group seeing this: Twinkness, Shadow.


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1. Any cheats, hacks, duping and exploits are strictly forbidden. Bug abusing for self-benefit is considered an exploit. If caught, you will recieve a permanent ban. If you find a bug, report it to a GM/Admin by making a ticket or emailing it to the admin with enough information about it.

2. Advertising of servers, accounts, or any paid services for real money is forbidden. Your account/IP will be banned if caught.

3. World Chat is reserved only for English. No other language should be used in World Chat.

4. Spamming any chat is forbidden and will be punished with a mute. Multiple offenses will lead to a ban.

5. Disrespecting and swearing offensively at other players is forbidden. Punishment is a mute or suspension.

6. Racism of any kind is forbidden. There is severe punishments for racist comments.

7. Character names must be appropriate. When caught, you will be forced to change your name and may face a character ban for a period of time.

8. Account sharing is strictly forbidden. This is for your security. Sharing accounts puts your account in jeopardy and hasstles the staff when stealing occurs. If caught, all accounts involved in the sharing will recieve no support.

9. Resetting a boss to full health to gain control of the loot is forbidden. This will result in a ban.

10. Attempting to bypass IceCold AntiCamp in any way is punishable by account suspension.

11. Scamming or attempting to scam is forbidden. When caught, you may face a permanent ban.

12. Scripting is forbidden. This includes using colour chat.

13.Impersonating a GM or Admin is strictly forbidden. You will be banned permanently with no appeal.

14. Trolling, disrespecting staff, ranting about the server, etc. will result in a mute or ban.

15. Constantly asking for staff in World Chat is forbidden. To contact staff, you must make a ticket in-game, and to contact admin you must use the website.

16. Do not complain about server lag in World Chat. It helps nobody and adds useless spam to the channel. If it lags, we will know about it and take care of it.


Nothing about "Meltankos Zone"

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