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Guild War / Arena with a Guild / Icecold-Eternian

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Greetings Blizz staff my char name is Aariana and im playing on Icecold-Eternian get this on that server 



this would  improve the server alot because no one have ever done this 


this is new to wow and alot of people would love to try this out 


its a simple arena ... but not 2v2 or 3v3 or 5v5 

its BIGGER ... its with your own guild 


you could find some place that is empty and script it with a BIG ARENA RING .. this would improve guild member to help eachother and more communication between guilds. 


Guild Rating .. and when the guild reach high enough rating members get an title and can be able to buy items that only high enough rating can buy witch would be really cool..


you guys can build it as you want have it like you want it


this is my idea to you !!  and i hope you do this


and hopefully i get rewarded for this GREAT IDEA ! :P


Best thanks to Aariana ! from IceCold-Eternian :D 





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No offense.. I think suggestions like this are great but..


this is new to wow


Rated Battlegrounds, War games, etc. All this was implemented in retail when Cataclysm was released. 15 vs 15 matches were eliminated February 2011.

So not only isn't it new, the Eternian realm should have the posibilty of guilds taking on each other somewhere in the core.


It still has great potential if you ask me. You could for example suggest for them to use the current Rated battlegrounds system but customize it. New areas, different rewards etc. With some tweaking I think the existing Rbg system can be really promising. 

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