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Illustrious Bug Abuser


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Well it clearly shows here that a rogue is taking that boss on and not receiving damage. A rogue... That is self explanatory right there not to manage the proof that was posted.

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This clearly shows evidence of bug abusing. He seems to be the only character attacking Sewen. He took off half its hp without losing any himself. Obviously that's impossible.

I really wonder how this many players keep abusing bugs like this, let me remember you guys of rule number one:


1. Any cheats, hacks, duping and exploits are strictly forbidden. Bug abusing for self-benefit is considered an exploit. If caught, you will recieve a permanent ban. If you find a bug, report it to a GM/Admin by making a ticket or emailing it to the admin with enough information about it.


Is it really worth it?



Now, for your report. I will ask you again to please follow the format found below. I've asked you to do so before, here, but it seems you didn't get the message.

As the screenshot shows reports that don't follow the format will be closed. So next time please just follow the format.




Since this is yet another report about bug abusing for self benefit I shall discuss.


/locked for now.

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