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More Weapon's and Quests


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I think having more quests and weapon choices is essential I love the Ice weapons great stuff nice and hard to upgrade etc but putting them in quests and more variety would really be nice like we want to see Warglaive of Azzinoth in the list coz of its 450 haste or thunderfury u know the classic weapons and the attack speeds must be different 2.5 and 3.6 is just all the same Daggers would be nice if it was 2.1 or something like that I know you can transmogrify it, but its not the same so maby just look into that idea.


And definitely more World bosses Make them a lot harder as well CP is way too easy it seems.

More Daily Quests Like on Reaper to get mats.

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More world bosses like CP and daily quests would be a nice addition. But more weapon variations will be chaos like on e-wow. No one would know what to farm and will start asking questions. You want this to turn to eternion-wow, while the devs don't, they want a new, fresh server with the only same thing as e-wow being the haste cap.

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I like that Idea but there is one downside to that.


if i would buy vip1 wich will cost me 10$ i could end up with vip7.


yes it would take me a long time but then again if i would know alot of players that would help me 

so i end up spending 10$ and getting vip7 


The owners of this server do want to get $ so i dont think they will implement the vip upgrade system


on the old ewow server you had the .5 vip sets, if they had the same here they might consider that but since there is no more .5 set i highly doubt it, and what Identify said they want to make a "fresh" start with this Server (Realm)


/e They could make it so that you can upgrade certain items of your vip set such as trinkets neck back etc. that way you give the vips something to work for 

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The upgrading VIP is a nice idea, But not as in from VIP 1 to VIP 7

I'm thinking just some small upgrades on each set, > VIP 7 > 6500 > 7200 of each stat for an example

Should also consider adding The mats in the same way None VIP have to farm

(Start at FJ) So High VIP's will be farming new instances, giving new players a chance to farm with High VIP


And High VIP's a reason to farm Other than a none VIP set, not just 1 shot everything that moves in the arena.

So adding VIP upgrades benefits None VIP's and High VIP's

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Sucks to have custom items lol ..


wich almost every vip i know has :)

i think we need to rethink the upgrading system :P


i think they need to focus on getting the Ice Warden set complete, with that i mean atleast to X

then they should consider vip upgrades or something like that 


Yes it is true people that buy items help the server but most important is that more people come to te server.

and the majority of those people will be non vip at first.


as i said before they need to work on new content first before they do anything else.


start one project finish it and then start with another.

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