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General Reaper Ideas


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Idea 1.


We Know we cant change the call to arms system. And we Know Players Want a Faster way for honor.


So Taking all that into mind why do we not make a Warsong Gulch Daily? Rewarding players 400 Honor



Idea 2.


We Know Some players like Equal PvP. So what poped into my mind was with Idea 1 why dont we make it where Only starter gear is allowed in Warsong gulch. I forgot what Server it was but in Arathi Basin all your armor was destroyed (0 Durability) and you had to buy armor there that was free but was destroyed at the end of the battle. I Really Enjoyed This as it gave new players a chance to play the server without just farming over and over. But lets face it if it was Starter gear everyone will throw their toys out their prams due to stuns. So Taking that into mind in the stats you could add (10% Stun reduction)


Idea 3. 


Taking Idea 1 into mind players will most likely earn full honor before impecc/illu So  we could make a PvP Armor Upgrade (Costing 2066 Honor Points) With 90,000 Armor 1900 Stamina, 1900 Agility, 1900, Strength, 2100 Attack Power, 750 Expertise, 750 Hit Rating, 750 Crit Strike, 322 Resilience (Based On Warrior Gear)






Well These are just ideas that pop in my mind, Hope to hear some feedback :D



Yours Sincerely Xcision 

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This actually isn't a bad idea... I +1 this. But, what I'm concerned about is this; Having to make a script which adds 0 durability to your current armor unless you buy the "gear" you're talking about. Wouldn't that take time to do? Also, besides that fact. How would it automically be destroyed? People can find ways to disconnect and possibly keep it in their inventory. I support this idea. 100%. Good idea.




-EDIT- I do like the honor points daily. But no-one would que up at like early in the morning. When I'm online at early in the morning usually 1-5 people are online. Including me. After the hours pass ... more and more log on. I don't really support that idea that much, but if you can get it implemented. I wouldn't mind grabbing it and completing it quickly. As I've stated above. I do like the 10% stun reduc on starter pvp armor. It makes more sense!



-EDIT / REMEMBER- They fixed a way to remove certain armor in areas. They can disable VIP and Blessed / etc and only allow Starter. So your IDEA will work as you wanted it to partly... The buying gear would be easy to do, yeah. But I'm talking about removing it upon leaving the zone. Which, I guess you could disable it in every other zone when you phase out.

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I like the idea for the most part but i have a idea, How about we add a new Battleground gear set that could be upgraded with the honor you obtain from running BG's the gear would not be that over powered but the stats would increase as you upgrade.

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Well a battleground maximum duration is like 15-20 minutes. So why not make battleground only gear that lasts @15 minutes by example the tempest keep kael'thas encounter weapons so players can't keep it or something :p and the rest of the gear just wouldn't be equipable example illustrious zone regarding vip gear.

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I had that idea about the battleground gear a long time ago but at the time, it was going to be hard to make your durability 0. However with the recent changes we have been making to the system and DB, I think it can be very easy to do now.

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