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Gunvarrel Player DR


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Well, I will look into the f*** tard thing, but I'm not sure what I can say about the "l2 warrior" thing, cause I mean that's just PvP. everyone's going to say something along the lines of that, and I mean it's a private server, you might know how to play a warrior on retail, but it's different here...

Again, I apologize for this, and I will look into it. I'll post back as soon as I'm finished.

/e After looking into this, Gunvarrel was instigated by you, as he warned you that resetting the mob in the arena is no longer allowed, and you responded 'FU'.

All parties will receive a warning due to their actions. I'm not sure where the 'l2 warrior' came from, but I assume it was some PvP going on after the fact...

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