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World Boss - Fine Iron Drop


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Hello whom may concern, 


Whilst I was killing Corrupted Phoenix I had an idea that could maybe help players that don't have enough Fine Iron for upgrading there armor. Well I will go on with my idea, There could be a world boss that spawns every 2 hours or 3 hours, The reason it being so the spawn time being so far apart is because you want Fine Iron to still be kind of hard to obtain but not to hard and you get maybe let's say 10 every 3 hours and in that time they should of used it on an upgrade so they will be eagerly waiting for that world boss to spawn again, It should be just as hard to kill as the Phoenix in the Arena or maybe even harder as it will drop Fine Iron which you use for every armor upgrade. This is just a suggestion and other people might want it to maybe you can make a poll or something but I am not to sure what will happen with this but anyways.


Thank you for your time and consideration. :)

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