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System updates March 21 2014


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The Gold and Guild systems have been re-written on all realms.

Gold System

  • Limit for gold in inventory is now 1,000,000g
  • Gold amounts up to 1,000,000g can be traded
  • The Auction House supports bids/buyouts up to 1,000,000g
  • Guild banks have a maximum of 1,000,000g

Guild System

  • System has been re-written in the back-end.
  • Works more efficiently.
  • Bugs with bank tab access have been fixed.
  • Bugs with guild masters losing permissions has been fixed.
  • Many small miscellaneous bugs fixed.
  • Guild Rename service coming soon.


  • Trades and taking money from mail will abort if it would put the player over the 1,000,000g limit. This will prevent players accidentally losing gold.

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