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Regarding the Title Guide.


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Suggestion Type (Event/General Improvement/Nerf/Buff/Loot/Dungeon etc) : Titles


A short description : Adding an additional opportinity to obtain a title. Let's say.. You've obtained a certain amount of titles, now you can get this title for doing so.


Like.. 5 titles, you get a title, 10 titles, you get another, 20 titles and so on. Like, when you reach a certain amount of titles, you get an additional for achieving that amount.


How and Who would that Benefit : Making it a bit easier to obtain titles and in my opinion, it would benefit everyone.


Any screenshots/images if needed : None.


~ Aelexia

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Correction; Was meant to be 'opportunity', but my keyboard messed up.


Anyway, I hope to see this being added, and I'm sure more people do as well. :)


Thanks for taking your time to go through this suggestion, I appreciate it. :P


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