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Greetings from TTrino

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Hello, my name is Ted Terrino however my friends started calling me Trino or TTrino.


I joined here because of some old friends that were on the previous Eternian realm before the hook up with IceCold.  I'm fairly friendly and verbose in my replies and messages to things. In no way do I enjoy small talk.  If you're going to say something to me, be prepared for a 4 page letter of a reply. =)

Let's see, I enjoy watching Anime, watching a series called Pandora Hearts right now, just finished Sword Art Online... though after seeing the anime, I also want to get into reading the light novels that were originally concieved before the anime and manga were created.  Speaking of which I also enjoy reading as a pasttime, mainly science fiction novels by authors like Sara Douglass, Simon R. Green, Christina Henry, and the like. The first sci fi book I ever picked up was when I was very young, the series was titled Animorphs, if anyone is old enough to remember it, I had gotten it when it first came out because the cover looked cool and I've been hooked ever since. :)


I also like to play around with learning simple geeky stuff like HTML web coding and computer graphics, nothing major, just simple fun things to keep me entertained. I'm an average computer user though I don't do any type of console gaming, I've always seen game consoles as a waste of money, don't ask why, we can debate it for hours on end and at the end of it, an agreement still wouldn't be settled.


Anyway that's all for now, Cheers!



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