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Staff Abuse


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Admin: Artos


GM: Chip


Player: Pew


Rule broken: Respect and professionalism for their community 



Bias staff picking on players that don't do any wrong and try their best to behave like in my case.... I was getting attacked by a player like he/she knew me and hated me when all i do is pve so thats not in the realm of possibility. So instead of getting mad i make a joke out of it after the player says "are you going to kill me" i say "Wat nagga you want sum? lol" then i get a 2hr mute for racism..... i have screenshots of this and a gm chilling with players dropping F-Bombs and doing nothing! Seriously you guys get a hair up your ass and act harsh to suit your needs and favor others...... Beedrill says **** and Chip does nothing even after chip and i had a chat about why i was muted that swearing and racism will not be tolerated. I hate to stoop this low i aint a bitch ass snitch but come on guys, you take sides and are totally bias!!!! Fair is fair and you all aint fair in the slightest.... If i was masking racism nagga = nigga i have black family and i say faeces like that around them all the time, racism is when you say some thing bad about a race IE negative stereotype or worse, what you guys call racism is just a means to justify your moody abusive ways. In short not acting professional and taking sides = bias jackoffs!!! Do as you please but what you please should be trying to make friends and a strong community not push people away from your server by a means of distorted professionalism and arrogance.


Note: These 2 pics are light in comparison to what i passed up taking screenshots of in the past, i could of taken staff ignoring fag jokes, sexual comments, racial slurs, and much more in the past only to turn and fire upon no name players (not in their click of cool and or protected people) doing nothing, because they felt like it that's why.


PS Glad you guys perma banned Glitch he is one of the real rule breakers and always pushed his luck on reaper with swears and racial comments. I will surely be banned for this post but whatever if you guys can't respect your players you don't deserve any.



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