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Hello, it's me again. Back with another event day!


  This Saturday (2-22-14) I (Accuse) will be hosting a series of events. The events hold the same rules as




  BUT, there is a chance Event gear will be given out ALONG with some titles. There will also be a bonus event at the end of the events listed in the previous post. For those who don't care to click the post: 


Hide and Seek Rules:

1- Do not harass or kill any of the other competitors.


PvP Rules:

1- This will be a starter gear only event to allow even those new to the server to join

2- No stuns may be used, including CC abilities such as Disarm, Silence, Repentance, Freezing trap, ect. ect. Sap may be used! 

3- Titans Grip also may not be used, it allows a slight, unfair advantage.

4- If you're Paladin, you can not use any bubbles. (Divine Shield, Hand of Protection)


Stair Rules:

1- Pretty straightforward, just no using mounts or any spells that move / increase your speed. (In example: Sprint, Heroic Leap, Blink). Also, no Slow Fall or Levitate!


Hope to see you guys there!

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