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Name of character you are reporting: DAZANLEY
Date/Time of incident: 2/13/2014
Reason for report: banned me 2nd time WITHOUT GODDAMN IVESTIGATING FULL SITUATION.
Proof: well, dazanley banned me 2nd time without incestigating. anyways, what i have to say is instead of banning people like me, perma ban retards who harass and pick and provoke instead, this is called LOGIC. now i have an IP ban and i dont care if its only for one day. DAZANLEY I SAID GIVE ME AN EMAIL TO SEND YOU PROOF U DIDNT WANT TO! LOL are you picking sides ??? if you dont want to get proof ill simply quit the server bcz i know this will continue with other harassers and will be left unpunished. USE LOGIC DAZANLEY THE SS IS CUT AGAIN, NO FULL CHAT MY PROOF IS A PHOTO OF FULL IMAGE OF GAME. if u saw the chat u would have known what realy happened and i wont let him get away with it. *******second time icecold being unjust******** i told you send me an email but ofc not! just make a new one i dont care if i have your "precious" email and i dont care about this game that much for me to spam you if thats why you refused to give me one. make a new one for god sake i had enough of your community.

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