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Old Players character deletion issue


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Hello my internet as been turned off for a year i just got it back today And when i logged on all my characters were gone.

I heard That characters that are not vip get deleted in Under 250 days and you guys cannot remove it.

Cause there is plent of ways to solve that issue cause if its not Repacked and you guys say yall made it from scratch

Then why can you not fix this issue,Well anways here is a news flash before the server goes down hill

DO NOT DELETE Peoples characters That is Unacceptable Fixing this should be easy you guys were the top 5 

best 4.0.6 Server what happend to you guys did yall get lazy i need and Explaination


Solve:Make a NEW lvl for non Vips so their characters won't get deleted Best way to solve it


Im Also the guy that supplied The MAC Users client About 2-3 years ago.

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