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Problem on the game



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Hey there Ashy.

I'm not exactly sure what's causing this as i haven't come across this issue before.

After doing some research there seem to be several things you can try.

First of all, travel to your WoW Directory, this is the file your WoW got installed in. Usually on the C or D Drive -> Program Files.

Once there, look for the Cache folder, the WTF folder and the Interface folder. Grab those 3 folders, and drag them out, moving them to a different, temporary file.

Doing this will cause your WoW client to look terrible, as deleting your WTF file will erase your previous saved settings.

If this doesn't do the job chances are big it has something to do with your latency.

How is your internet connection outside of WoW? Experiencing any issues?

One more you could try is updating your current drivers.

There's several beautiful programs you can use to find out what drivers you're currently using and which ones need updating. Personally i prefer using Driver Genius.

Any additional info is more than welcome as this might just be what we need to solve this nasty issue.

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