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Hi , i am Gentleman , lel.

I thought about Tuffs and Gertis idea, i will try to hold a event , i dont know when,  as they said, a Vip event. Now id like to tell u about  the 13th January 2014.

I will host a event there , untill there , i'll farm many bars,  and if i have some money ,i  buy them too , i guess at end the winner gets about 500 Bars, i hope more.

I  think Glitch or Flash will assist it , i think the most of u know the rules , and i hope that a GM will give u 1-2 titles too. So if someone wants to donate for the event , just mail it to "Gentleman" , first a big thx to You're Next , they donated about 200 Bars! Well that was all id like to tell u.

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