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200 Vote Point Weapons


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In this thread, I will be talking about the 200 vote point weapons.

In the past, there was only the Frostmourne of the Beast weapon, but thanks to Molten and me begging 24/7, we got a couple more with it. First off, the staff.



The 200 vote points staff, has to be changed. It is too bad for a 200 vote points weapon compared to other 200 vote points weapons.


Link to the staff: http://www.icecold-wow.com/armory/item/1/9000302/


First off, it has strength on it. Why would a spell staff want strength on it. You might say "For feral druids" but that is invalid. Druids have no use for strength, only agility. Which comes to the point that feral druids need a 200 vote point weapon too. They can't dual wield if they are non-vip.


2nd, the stats are too low for a 2h weapon. Look at the dagger for example (link: http://www.icecold-wow.com/armory/item/1/9000301/). Compare it with the staff and the stats are the same. You can dual wield the dagger but you cant dual wield the staff. My suggestion is to higher the stats a bit on the staff and remove the strength.



There's also a lack of other items. For example a 200 vote point wand, thrown, totem, relic and druid feral weapon.



I wanted to make this clear by putting this. 

I hope you guys will consider doing this.

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