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IceCold-WoW New Content Ideas


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IceCold-WoW New Content


Places you can use à Shattered Halls.

Idea à Make multiple weapons with the same stats, upgradable that can go up to +5. (Example make 4 weapons with the same base stats then make it +2 (name of weapon), +3, +4, +5).

What weapon IDs to use:

-    Twin Blades of Azzinoth (1h weapon)

-    Phantom Blade (2h weapon)

-    Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter (2h)

-    Tyrannical Beheader (2h)

-    Cryptmaker  (2h)

-    Catastrophe (2)

-    Ghost Iron Staff (staff)

-    Staff of the Plaguehound (staff)

-    Last Laugh (1h)

-    Dooms Edge (1h)

-    Slayer of the Lifeless (1h)

-    The turning Tide (1h)

-    Themios the Darkbringer (bow)


More Suggestions coming soon! 

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  • Staff

One thing that has not made sense to me since I have been here is the use of random dungeons in random zones for gear upgrades. They don't seem to go in any logical order.


For example, after starter you go to the outlands for demonic, then the deadmines, then lighting halls, etc. I know it would be a lot of work, but why can't the level of gear match the difficulty of the dungeon/zone. I understand it is all for lvl 85, but deadmines and SFK should be lowest gear set, then keep going from the old kingdoms to the outland, northrend, and cata-zones. Maybe not right away, but someday.

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As I've previously suggested, why don't we have weapons to match the armor sets? Like a one-hand, bow, shield, staff,wand and such that would initially drop in Demonic. Then you would use 50 blessed upgrade gems and 3 of the Volcanoth Lair gems to upgrade the weapon into Blessed. Then just have this process repeated up to impec. 


I haven't been online in ages so I forget all the upgrade gem names. ~_~

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