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Hi guys, Radu here or Chuckey as some of you know me. I came here to ask a bit of your time...I've been playing this server since the spring of 2012 I met a lot of awesome, interesting and talkative people here so, I'm asking you all to give me a hand with my prolem...I recently got hacked. I discussed with a Game Master he decided to permanently ban the account and now I need to proof that I own the account but here is the problem: I've been playing on another server before to come here and on that server I met a person that already had an account here, so because he had a lot of fights with the people he decided to leave the server and sell the account, I loved the server so I said "Half of account store value and we have a deal." After a year I got hacked..sadly I have no idea how that happened, so now here I am asking for your mercy to let me come back and play with the people of icecold, I came here, at the forums because icecold is all about the community of icecold: the gamers. So again I ask you to help me with confiance about all of this, since I made a ticket and I know of have no right to take it back because of having no proof of it but yes that's all. Thank you for your time spent on reading my little story.

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