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It's plain and simple.

Get the Adobe Download Client (Or whatever the **** it's named)

Download the Photoshop CS6 30 day trial.


Once downloaded and installed, decide if you're gonna use the 64-bit or the 86-bit.

Hop on your best friend, Google, search for this: 'photoshop cs6 x64 amtlib.dll' (I use x64, hence the x64. If you'll be using x86, change it)

Now look up your Adobe directory, look for Adobe Photoshop CS6, open it.

Now, search for the 'amtlib.dll' file. Once found rename it to amtlib1.dll.

Now look for the file you downloaded earlier, drag it into your Adobe Photoshop CS6 folder.




Could have just added a link to a tutorial.

This makes me feel better tho.

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