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IceCold-WoW Comic book I made!


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It took me 15 minutes to make and it's not really that amazing but I'll proberly dedicate a few hours next week to making a awesome one. It has it's own HTML launcher and everything! :(

Mediafire link -

IceCold-WoW Comic Book Issue 1 "The Cookie Problem"

Extract the rar, open up "IceCold-Comic" and double click the HTML link called "Launcher" make sure activeX isn't blocked and click the magical tiny front cover in the corner and the full comic will pop up!

I hope you like my badly made comic book what only took me a tiny while to do and I'll proberly make a better one next week as I said but i will proberly doing them in drawings. (Don't worry I got a A level in art. :D )

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