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Deathwing Drop Rates


Deathing Drop Rates  

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  1. 1. Should the drop rates of Deathwing be increased

    • Yes, they have to be increased. The drop rates are way to low.
    • I am content with the drop rates.
    • No, the drop rates are fair.

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I think the caster and melee should be equal drop rates.


But at the same time I think the melee drop rates should stay a bit lower.


I'm split between agreeing with this and not.


It would be quicker getting full Deathwing melee, but then that makes it too easy I feel.


But, I'm going to agree with this, It's somewhat annoying to never have any deathwing melee yet always having caster melee. Most people can't say "Oh hey, I have some Deathwing melee in my bags, let's sell it!". It's rarely melee that gets sold it's always caster, because of this many people have full Deathwing casters yet only a few pieces of Deathwing melee to go around for all of their melee characters.

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