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Launcher Disappears?



Hey there, sorry to bother, but i'm posting on behalf of my boyfriend, he seems to have some problems with the launcher file.


Every time he downloads it, when he goes to the directory its placed, it just disappears, he doesn't even get the chance to put it in the WoW directory, its gone before he can even click it so i think it's something to do with security.

We've been trying to fix it all day and i have no idea whats wrong!


We've tried allowing it through firewall and his AV software and still nothing! he tried downloading it on another browser to see if it was to do with that but that didn't work either. Also tried sending the launcher through Skype to see what happens but nothing seems to work :(


Any ideas on what we could try?



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Maybe try this, helps me when I need to disable every security center I have, sometimes even though I disable a security program it still blocks things for me.

1. Windows 7: Go to the start menu and type Run, open the application.
Windows 8: Hold the windows key (the key between Ctrl and Alt) and hit the R key.

2. Type in "msconfig" without the quotation marks, hit Ok.

3. Go to the tab near the right called "Startup" and for me I have to click another button called "Open Task Manager"

4. Disable all security programs and restart your computer.

When you log in they shouldn't open up right away and will have no chance to activate, meaning if it was any of them you should have no problems with downloading the launcher. I personally recommend uninstalling anything that blocks downloads and applications because, for me, it causes more problems than it solves. If you want them reactivated just follow the steps again and enable the applications again and restart your computer, hope this helps.
This also worked for me when I had a virus that would redirect every search engine :P

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