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Reporting Eli


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Name of your ingame character: Universe


Name of character you're reporting: Eli


Reason why you're reporting: GM Abuse


Proof: Well, im frozen and I can't upload it cause it's too big..

But, i'm reporting Eli for GM Abuse.

I got killed 3 times from pvp at an event. I killed someone once and i'm frozen?

Well, the event was over.. and 30 minutes later im still frozen..

For real?

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If you have trouble with files being to big just go into paint and use the resize option.


It's what I do to resize things.


Also, if you're at an event, follow the event rules. This does seem a bit extreme but it can be frustrating when players don't follow the rules set by the host of an event.

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You were told the rules and refused to follow the very simple rules laid out by Kerm. That's why you were DQ'd and ported out. You then proceeded to DR  and get mad in /o. I was going to unfreeze you after porting but you just got mad and logged onto Event. Be glad I didn't just freeze Event too. 

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