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This or Dcuo neeed some help


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This or DCuo? 


Put it this way, DCuo is more like normal WoW where you have to grind/farm/quest ect.

IceCold-WoW doesn't require as much grinding as WoW (Only a tad less)/Instant 85 and you get a set of gear right off the bat.

Also, IceCold-WoW is basically a Pay-To-Win. E.G. ViP 7 and the many other items listed in the store. DCuo does not have this, however, that doesn't always mean it's a good thing. Pay-To-Win is great if you hate grinding for long hours or taking too long to kill a boss. (Also the extreme advantage in PvP.) 

The Combat system on DCuo is just... meh. What else is there to say really? The only thing I did when I played DCuo was spam the basic attack and the fire meteor (I was Fire Power spec.) WoW has a more diverse combat system and spell/talent group, it's more interesting to combo different spells and attacks to defeat a Mob or player than to use the same move again and again. (Unless your a ViP 7 paladin with a SOATT who justs needs to auto attack.) 

The other thing is the typing dilemma. I don't know if this is different on PC since I played this on the PS3, but the typing was god-awful. It took longer to type a simple response to a "hello" than it did to log in and choose your character. 

However, DCuo has a really great armor system where you can change the armor look. That really was cool. Plus the color customization options as well. Summed up the weapon/armor system in DCuo for customization was better than anything I'd seen before. 

Also Green Lanterns are waaay to OP.


It really boils down to what you like more. There is basically no story here on IceCold, just gear grinding and talking. Basically its more social/PvP orientated. If you like that sort of stuff, then stay here.

If you like more story, more customization and (of course) more players on servers, then go with DCuo.

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Thanks June for Ur input. Yeah but if you don't pay the highest gear u can get for free if up too VIP1 so PvP you mainly get owned (a lot of people say the hack to get VIP7) and like I said I like dungeons and raids (which dcuo has instances and raids) so I'm gunna try and play both but I mainly wanna focus on this. Do raids and dungeons even work on icecold? Cause before I was on molten cata but the lines were just godawful. But iI noticed there was a raid tab. Thanks

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