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Not complaining but sounds like it.


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I just wanted to ask if those who donated for full vicious back in the day when the server revolved around it will get some sort of compensation or im not really sure the word but something because i really think its a little unfair that we spent money to get the "best" gear for the time being then later better gear comes out that is literally like 10x better than it.. kinda of ridiculous if you ask me :D

I dont know probably a lot of people have already brought this up but i haven't been on in a while because i just quit for a bit because i was quitting for a while but just came right back because well in short this is my favorite server and i have played since beta and even donated and applied for a GM since beta (never got a GM spot because no one answered me lol) but for this to happen i hope some action will be taken for the donators that donated in the past just to be undermined with VIP gear thats better than our vicious. Im asking just for some type of (I really dont know what im even asking for idk if i am even asking for something) but i still think what happened to the donators is unfair i donated one time for good gear on one character why do i have to pay twice? for the one thing i wanted? I guess if you want money thats a way to go but i would just like the great admins of my favorite server to be fair. That is all i ask. Thank you

Sincerely, Haruhi (Cptfailure) Thanks ^.^

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