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New Website!


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So in case you haven't noticed, the new website system is now in place. What does this mean?


1. Armory, giving you the ability to search characters, guilds, and items

2. IceCold Reaper rankings, giving you the ability to see the leaders in multiple categories such as Most Kills, Most Played Time, and Most Honor Points

3. Player preview: Lets you see the equipped items and view their 3D model of any character in game.

4. More detailed character shop, uses the player preview as well

5. Updated the item transfer process. Now you can select your Frostmourne's and separately purchased VIP weapons. You still need a transfer key for each weapon/VIP set transfer though, so keep that in mind.

6. Weapon damage in game is not the actual weapon damage, but the damage shown on the site is the actual damage, so if you want to know how much something will actually do, just look it up with the Armory


Now, you might be saying "How do I get to these wonderful, shiny new features?!" Have no fear, it's one simple click away. At the top of your screen, you should see the Armory link. Click that, and be amazed.


Now you should see the following links:

1. Search Armory: This is the item/guild/character search function

2. My Game Panel: This is your standard Game Panel with all your Unstick, ban checking, and Product Transfer functions as before

3. Online Lists: Shows all online players, and shows if GMs have their tag or whispers on. GMs with their whispers and tags on will appear as Staff and Available

4. The good old Character Shop, just updated to show a preview of the character you might buy, as well as other useful stats

5. My personal favorite, the IceCold-Reaper Rankings. This shows the leaders in several categories such as Oldest Guilds, and Most Kills Today, and Most Played Time


If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to report a bug you have noticed, feel free to make a ticket ingame, or Contact an Admin on the website.

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Also some other couple new things.

  • You can change your display name on the forums by going to this link. You can only change the name 3 times every 30 days.
  • Now you do not need to have a Admin approve your character when you put it up for sale. You will be sent an email to verify it and it will be put up on the store.
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