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Well, here I am officially quitting icecold after 2 years of being here.

Reason I'm quitting?: too many VIPs (yes I know it pays for the server but people with no money can't do anything so it's unfair for other players), school, and the community (too much arguing and cussing)

I've had a lot of fun on the server for 2 years, but its getting old and not so much fun today since of course too many VIPs. Thanks a lot for the staff and Ryan for the making of a wonderful 2 years.

Before you start commenting/ replying to this topic saying, "The VIPs are to help pay for the server." Yes I know and era (my brother) has gotten a free VIP 7 because he made a lot of friends, Thanks goes out to him to help me start and get to know people on this server.

Well, guess this is goodbye.


(Like I said, don't reply anything unless you have to say goodbye or something totally different, don't reply "it's to help pay for the server" I KNOW, anyways ill be on some days and some nights.) Goodbye! Thank you for a wonderful 2 years icecold!

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