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Reporting Bestworrior for Attempt Scam


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So, I advertise my character for sell, I get a whisper from a guy named Bestworrior

the whisper says


"I have a vip 7 ret pally I don't like"

I say, sure, what is the name?

Instantly says "I don't trust people, just give me your user and pass and let me see" and I said, "no" show me the character ingame,

So he tells me to go to the mall and outside, and says "The guys name is "Maybe"

Maybe = Cami, so I played along as jokes and say, how would we trade?

He says, "Give me your user and pass"


I tell him "no"


an obvious fake username and password, trying to think he can scam me.


I let him know he was reported.. sends me this.




Man, You scammed me good.  Make sure you hold VIP status before you try to attempt scam, because I know Maybe isn't your account, it's Cami's.





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