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A bit disapointed


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 Hi all il start from the beginning so i purchassed vip 5 on my rogue but i dint love them and with their 24h policy i decided to ask an exchange i took 2 day for admin sort it out so i finaly get my 130$ credit into my icecold account to put vip 5 on my hunter  when i complete the order i get a sql error and it dont send the gear on my hunter and take the 130$ so today i have reopen an admin ticket so the bad part would be the wait time of ticket who is all time 24h  i remember 1 year ago it was take max 1h most of the time  that was great so they should try to work to get more admin maybe or somethingelse  now for the good part icecold is a good server one of the only one haste server :( after chiness close all their server without a notice also they start getting more player and more will coming i guess since the other closed for ever also there is alway a gm online the support in game are good and fast i must admit it so it my feedback :)


edit * also there for this forum is a plugin or an addon that would work with the urgent button in ticket who should be enabled for vip atleast that dispacht a sms to the admin team or it pick someone in the admin group i think that could really offer a vip support ;) just and idea


sorry for my bad english.

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