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Once in a lifetime chance.

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this is the chance of a life time for Ice Cold WOW.  every other private server that i play is down now. no one on their servers knows whats going on.  lets get the hype going and bring people back here.  but that also means we the current players need to help out these people and show that our community is as amazing as i know we can be.  admins  we need to push events. both ingame and a little out, but mostly in game  thats what makes the cake. i found a MOP server thats still running but  the lag on it is horrible its blizz-like.   but i cant stand the lag.   but still they have over 2k online at one time  i actually had to wait in cue to get online with them.   i know our servers can handle more than that.  so lets go.  this is a community wide effort. not just gms and admins.  we all need to do our part to make this server amazing again.

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I have been making videos for the server and I will continue making videos and try n' make the IceCold Community bigger than ever!

Anyone want to follow the movement with me subscribe to Jordan new youtube channel!
Check out his videos Ask for permission to Advertise the server where ever you are or can find! try new websites for advertisements anything!
:D Best of luck to the IceCold Community!

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