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Suggestion...the I think people need to read.

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Hello IceCold-WoW, 


I have been playing on this server for a while, but i quit because I was bored of the server since nothing new has been coming out. So, I logged back on to IceCold-WoW to check out the server see how things are going and see if there is anything new to do. I came back disappointed...There has been nothing new since the last time I have logged on. The population of the server has gone down even more. I noticed the population first decrease when the stat slash hit which to me was a good reason, the server needed more space for new stuff so they had to cut down the current stuff at that time. But, that didnt stop me from playing on IceCold, then I noticed the population decease because even tho the staff said the stat slash was made to create more space for new content there was ONE thing new added the Ice Guardian (which has a ridiculously low drop rate for everything) that was added in 2012..It is now May and NOTHING NEW IS ADDED. So my question is Why did the Staff decide to reduce the stats of everything by 1/20th (is what I heard) when nothing new is being added? Please explain to me why. If you also have noticed the server has gone drastically down on the Vote Sites. IceCold use to be in the top 15 servers on the vote sites we are on. Now IceCold is in between 20th (the highest) to 59 (the lowest). I saw the Admin Jordan make a post in January asking people give us suggestions of what you would like to see, did the admins even read it? Or was it a joke? The servers population peaked at 100 players on line, now the server looks like it has been up for 2 months instead of 2 years! So the point I am getting at is either A) Return the old stats so people will be attracted to the high stats of the server or option B )Start getting new stuff out so people are attracted to IceCold. Why do you think other servers are successful? Its because they have new stuff coming out at a moderate but good rate.


Things that I suggest for the new content: 


- New gear for non vips:

The gear can be say in between ravaged and chromatic gear, or demonic and blessed gear it doesn't have to be something special just has to be something new for people to get.


-Make gold & the auction house actually relevant to the game:

 Create new content so players can sell things in the auction house everything on this server is BOP (except for ravaged gear) but since ravaged gear doesn't drop anymore from mobs and you have to upgrade the auction house has became worthless!


-New Weapons:

 - Make weapons trad-able, sell-able etc.. we have no weapons that can be sold.


- Custom Weapon Maker:

It was taken down because of the stat slash but my suggestion is wouldn't it make sense that if you reduce everything in the server by 1/20th wouldn't it work the same way for the custom weapon maker?


- A world boss timer:

This way Gms down have to tell players the spawn time instead they will see say in purple "Ice Guardian re spawns in 1 hour" and then another warning at 30 minutes, then 5 minutes. It would make more people aware of the Ice Guardian.


- New instances:

It does not have to be long but maybe add a new instance with boss that drop items with a drop rate of 25-30% just so people down have to do it 100000 times before they get something.


- More events: 

Let the Gms have .add object so they can make new events for people to do, because the stairs event that we have at the moment is to easy, Pitbull finishes it before 99% of the rest arent even half way!


That concludes my rant about what I think should happen.


Thanks for reading!

Have a nice day :)

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