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Some Suggestions


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I. MORE CUSTOM QUESTS = prevents the monotony of having to farm the same mobs over and over again for the sake of armor upgrades. The Noob Island, Starter Melee and Caster, Weapon, VIP ring and Deathwing quests are good examples, especially the Weapon and VIP Ring quests. Quests take the drudgery out of the monotonous farming for armor upgrade tokens.

For example. I 3-boxed the Weapon Quest in HoL for 2 hammers and the staff. By the time I killed 50 of each mob, each alt in the team had 250 Ravaged Diamonds. I wasn't even thinking about the Ravaged Diamonds. All I could think about was how my new alt was going to rock those 2 hammers.

If the server considers this in the future, pls also consider giving more variety to the rewards. There seems to be a shortage of 2h axes, fist weapons, 1h caster weapons (1h swords, maces and daggers), wands and relics.

II. CUSTOM DUNGEONS - Hellfire Ramparts and the Deathwing instance are very good examples of this. Instances that have mobs strong enough to challenge the custom gear and rewards our efforts w/ better custom gear. It's yet another reason to play on the server when PVP and farming become boring.

Now i know customizing just 1 instance is not easy and the current server pop doesn't justify creating a new custom instance. But hopefully, when the pop improves in the future, maybe the dev team would like to consider adding new instances. That should get lots of players excited. :)

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1. Custom Quests: I agree, but quests are much harder to make than simply farming it. But they are 'in the works'

2. I'd go out on a limb and say 70% of the instances are custom at the moment. But I use the term instance loosely because we have instances that aren't actually in a dungeon. For example the VIP instance. But our most recent release is a 3 part series for the ashbringer quest. Other than that there is another large instance line currently under wraps. But I think our instances are pretty stacked for now :)

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I like the ideas, but as stated above they can take a while to make them and to make sure its not abuse-able, and to be honest farming the quests aren't bad it's just tedious to having to keep doing but that's what a lot of custom servers are like, hopefully some more non-farming quests are added :)

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