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Coming back to nothing



I use to play this a year ago from actually today. i started in march and kinda got caught up in life in july. I played this and i had many many characters with the best gear you could get as a player who didnt donate. And I see that you downgraded all of the stats which is ok. But the fact that i wasted my time on 4 characters isnt. I would expect some kind of redemption or something or just lower the ilvl on the gear they already have. Because they are tottally gone and That makes me unhappy and i see its unfair. Im worried to put more time into the game on re gearing all of these characters because what if you choose to do something like this again? my guys that i put hours of work into will be thrown into the trash and with a click of a button gone. Thank you for reading this. With all understanding i mean not to insult. Just prove my point.

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