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Aulton Disrespecting Loke


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Honestly, this crap needs to stop. I'm getting really annoyed by these reports.. I realize he lies and all but the /ignore function works.

I'm tired of seeing his name in world chat all the time.

I realize I was being immature about this and I've stopped, it's annoying now and pointless. He just gets you in trouble because you react.

You guys should act a bit better, he's only 11. Who cares? /ignore him if you have a problem with him.

It's time to grow up with this aulton nonsense.

I don't want to see anymore bitching and complaining because he said a few words and you go ape shi.t reporting.

No offense to anyone, just grow up and drop this Aulton crap. Who cares.

/ignore Aulton

It's not hard.

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^ Exactly.

I agree with everything except

He's said to be nearly 13.


Besides that, you nailed it. It has to stop, no matter who's causing it.


Ohfaeces. Almost 13?! ****, that man is OLD. I mean, like, he could be the oldest man alive! Seriously, someone contact Guiness Book of World Records ASAP! Gotta get that one on the books.


Like I said, /ignore is apparently really hard to find...cause...you know...it kinda stops this stuff...then again, it does generate forums activity, so who am I to say it's bad?

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