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Well, my question is what can you do in a battleground that you can't already do in the arenas? Plus I feel like it wouldn't be worth it for them to make it so the VIPs couldn't join battlegrounds with non-VIPS. I just don't think it's possible. Also, doing this wouldn't really do anything for the player base.

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First of all it probably is possible.

You can always make it so that you'll have multiple options. For example just make separate and mixed ones.

I think the difference between the arena and Bg is pretty clear. Bg isn't all about killing, it's also about winning the match.

I can actually understand what Allstadius is talking about, since low geared players don't stand a chance versus vips, neither in Bg or Arena.

Plus I feel like it wouldn't be worth it

I must agree with this tho, i think the demand for such customized battleground is simply to low.

Doesn't mean we have to forget the idea, we could still look into it a bit..

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Man we have got thousands of PVP areas already... Making even more wont fix anything. PIcking an arena and baptizing it PvP for non VIPs wouldnt solve the problem. After all, i bet almost all players would prefer go fight with VIPs... its more fun like that, cause we get to be alltogether, since there arent too many players in the server.

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