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Banned awhile ago - i'm zoom-



Some people might remember me from awhile ago


My old forums account was Cosmos76


I am zoom on game i was vip 4 paladin :')


My name is Danielle


I was just wondering why i am banned off game i tryed logging in and it say im banned


Here is my forums account :')


http://www.icecold-wow.com/topic/2422-erorr-132-help/?hl=cosmos76#entry12292 i posted that awhile ago


Please may you help, i doubt anyone will remember me :'3

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I have not been on for a while now (4 months) and though i do not know how long it has been since you have been on, i do not believe that THIS server does a inactivity sweep. If you have been banned because you did nothing wrong, i suggest you contact the Administrators. Also i would suggest asking an admin for a list of all of the IP addresses that have accessed your account. (This could help because it could prove that you were not the person that was exploiting and or doing the other things that are against the terms of use) If it was not you they will certainly give you your account back once the problem has been resolved and the other IP was banned. If this all does not work and you did do something wrong, then they will not give you a refund on the VIP because that's on YOU. Hope this helped. :)



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