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Spawn Camp rule needs revised/enforced


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  • Staff

First off, I won't call out any names and try to keep it civil, but certain players on the server can kill a person as many times as they want as fast as they want in the arena with no recourse.

I understand that the arena is for pvp combat but it becomes no fun for a player when they cannot respawn without dying seconds later, over and over.

In my instance, I was in the arena and a high level VIP player would come along and kill me quickly, and as soon as I would respawn that player would come back and kill me again. I did not start the fighting nor did I ever fight back. The player can do this as much as they wanted as quickly as they wanted as long as they would kill another player while I was waiting to respawn. I could easily be killed 4-5 times in less than 30 seconds.

A game master was watching this and when I mentioned the even in world chat, reused to do anything. That GM stated that the killing was random because the VIP player was killing more then one person continuously.

I think this work around of the spawn-camping rule is ridiculous and not fair. Any VIP player can kill as many low geared people as they want as fast as they want as long as they don't just kill one person continuously. Meanwhile the low geared players have no chance to play or compete in the arena. In my mind it is the same as spawn camping, just involves camping multiple players at once rather than one at a time.

Rule 11 simply states: 11. Spawn camping is not allowed. If you are caught in the act you may be punished. Spawn camping reports must contain video proof. There is a 30 second wait limit.

Please reconsider the spawn camping rule(s) as they apply to the players. The automatic spawn-camp system cannot fully protect everyone from all kinds of spawn camping and players are suffering from this experience. I am sure other players have had the same frustrating experience as I have and I hope that they will chime in here also.


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Man come on, pvp areas are for pvp end of story, you cant just stand in the middle of a pvp area and demand that other people dont kill you. I get it, you need to die 4-5 times b4 you can escape, but man you just shouldnt be there if u are not in the mood for pvp. Its my right to kill your player whenever i like, as many times as i like because i have paid to be able to do so as fast as possible, as many times as i want. If the people in Icecold update the camping rule then this is going to be unfair for the vips because, frankly, in a game where pve is weak and pvp is unorganized, killing each other is the only thing that is left to do. The other person's complains just make the process of killing him more fun to me. After all ths is a game. You dont want to pvp. Ok good for you. Get the heck out of my pvp area because otherwise i will kill you. You have to learn how to play by the rules :P

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  • Staff

Here is the thing and try to look at it from my perspective, or others in my position. I like to pvp and I want to come to the arena to have a good time and play the game as you pointed out. I have been doing that here for over a year now with almost no problems. Due to the nature of this server and the vast dffferences in gear, VIP's yeild a great amount of power of non-VIP geared players. I don't mind dying a few times and having VIP's kill me, but when someone gets it in their head that they want to camp me or all the low geared players no matter where you go in the arena, it is no longer fun.  High geared VIP's can kill lowgeared players almost instantly and you cannot fight back because they will kill a lowbie before they can be killed. I don't just want to come to the arena just to die by the same VIP every time I respawn.




If the people in Icecold update the camping rule then this is going to be unfair for the vips because... You have to learn how to play by the rules :P



 Don't give me crap about what is fair or unfair. VIP's have everything they could want. Killing somone over and over when they cannot defend themselves is selfish and I cannot imagine myself why that would be fun. I have learned to play by the rules, but I feel others have not.

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Man, vips pay money... serious money a thus they deserve to have more power. I dont see where the problem is. Of course, non vips do not stand a chance fighting a vip7, but thats fair, cause the other guy has paid 300$ to get overpowered so yeah... i think he deserves the power. You want to be more powerful, buy vip its the only way. Im sorry but this is how things are. I cant help you. I wish i could but i cant. Thats how things are with online games. But see, Icecold owners have to make a living out of this :P, its all a bussiness. 

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  • Staff

Vordnox, you are right that VIP's pay and deserve that much power (gear wise). That is not my argument here. I fully expect to get owned every time I battle a high level VIP, thats just the nature of this server. But with that great power comes some responsibility. My argument is when does the killing (spawn camping) stop being innocent fun and become an abuse of that power. 3 kills, 5 kills, 10 kills ect.? A line needs to be drawn.


VIP's spend the money for the power to be able to fight and win against almost anybody, but not the right to abuse people.

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To begin with, there is no chance that you will get killed 10 times without being able to escape... thats practically impossible, as you can walk over to the margins where pvp is not allowed. So, no need for a change here. If you sense that someone is abusing you, you can go ahead and report him or her. You will do the same thing if you sense that your rights are being in any way violated. You are entitled to do that. No, being i vip doesnt give me more rights. Of course not. But, just like you, i have the right to play the game however i like, as long as i dont violate your rights. But permitting killing in pvp areas is a joke, you have to admit that. I get it, it gets annoying the first 10 times you die. But nobody gets killed so many times. You can walk away anytime you like. Now if you sit and wait on a specific spot, of course and i will kill you. Just run away. Sitting on one spot and repoting me because i killed you is a violation of my rights, because all i did was to play the game. 




just because you have VIP dosent mean you can disobey the rules of the server

And as for you, i'd suggest that you re-read my comment. Because i do not dissobey any rule. At All. 

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This all kinda seems like a meaningless discussion to me.

There's a vip defending himself, probably cause he's the one this topic's about.
And there's an obvious non-vip, trying to be able to wait for the Annihilator without getting killed.

The statement here is that the spawn camping rule should be changed.
Perhaps you should state how?

All that's happening right now is some useless discussing of emotions.


Get over yourself, make clear what the change should be, cause obvious nothing can be learned from this topic.

If you really want the staff to think this over, give them a good alternative.

They already made rules, it's not up to them to change them as you please.


Bottom line here is i do agree something should be done, but you won't reach your goal by adjusting the spawn camp rule.

I think the rule is actually pretty fair, it just needs to be implemented properly, since as you state yourself, you can work your way around it easily.

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  • Staff

Okay, I appologize for being vague, it was not intentional. I have just been trying to paint the best picture I can.


First off, the person that keeps defending their position in this thread is not the one I am talking about. I don't know their in-game name but I don't think I have ever had a problem with them. I just think that they are not seeing my point of view correctly.


I am also not talking about waiting for the arena boss, I could care less about it. I go to the arena like everyone else pvp.


Imagine this scenario, you are in the arena having a good time pvping with a few players when someone comes along and kills you every time you respawn. After about three times in thirty seconds it is considered spawn camping and the system is supposed to kick/ban the player. Take that same scenario and add two other players near you that also get spawn killed with you and everything is ok. VIPs have the power spawn camp multiple players at once and that is okay according to the GM's.


I am not asking at all to nerf the killing power or gear of the VIPs. I like stuff the way it is and don't mind being one shotted by VIPs. I think that if a player is spawn killing multiple players in the arena at the same time it should be considered spawn camping the same as if they were doing it to one individual and thus result in a kick or ban. I hope it is clear now.


When this kind of thing happens, myself and the others that keep getting spawn killed cannot enjoy the arena. There is just no way to get around it and I have to leave. How is that fair? I have tried moving to a different part of the arena and even exiting the arena ring and I get followed and killed.


In sum, I think rule#11 is too vague and needs revised to deal with the problems in the arena. The auto spawn camp system cannot detect this. Spawn killing one player alone is considered spawn camping and I think spawn killing multiple players needs to be considered spawn camping also. This will require manual enforcement from the GMs.


One last thing for the staff to consider. I wouldn't be quick to just take the sides of the VIPs in this one. Many people come to the server as non-VIPs to test the waters. If their experience is a bad one, they may choose not to donate and move on to somewhere else.

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  • Owners

We do know what you are referring to with the ACS (AntiCamp System) setup, and how it can be cheated. The internal policy is that if a GM is present and sees somebody clearly abusing it like this, they issue a manual punishment. Therefore, if somebody is abusing it, and a GM is definitely present and deliberately ignoring it, report that GM.


ACS is a basic kill counter/timer system to prevent single-victim counting. The system could be expanded much further to keep track of multiple victims, so simply targeting one or two additonal people would not save you from the ACS. However this kind of change would take much time and testing to work right, and still work efficiently. So until then, my first paragraph is the way to go.

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Rule 11 simply states: 11. Spawn camping is not allowed. If you are caught in the act you may be punished. Spawn camping reports must contain video proof. There is a [/size]30 second wait limit.[/size]

First of, i think the rule is clear and obvious. It states what you can and can't do.

Spawn camping is spawn camping, either done to 1 specific person or a bunch of players all together.

As i stated in my previous post i do agree with you on the problem.

It's all nice vip's can 1-shot someone they dislike, but camping them is a whole different story.

Though i think the issue here is, the only one that's able to undertake serious actions, is you.

Any GameMaster able to listen to your story should definately come have a look,

as it's their job to make sure our gaming experience is at it's best.

But there's gonna be moments on which there simply is none online or they have bigger, more important things to do.

I guess the best part at banning this type of behavior you can take is downloading fraps,

and capturing each and every moment you feel someone's breaking rules.

I wish to be able and help you solve this problem, as i think it's a sad thing to do.

You should however understand, that in some cases people simply ask for it.

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