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Why are warlocks so horrible on the server? it is to worst class on here its worst than priests! why cant they get upgraded gear or get put on steroids! please I love warlocks anyway and they need a fair chance in arenas and dungeons and raids u cant solo anything with a warlock!

I just think the warlocks should get a fair chance in the arenas and dungeons. I would love to be able to run a dungeon and own some NPC


I know that people have said stuff like this before but it really needs to be done!

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I completely understand why you would dislike how weak these classes seem to be. I dislike it as well, 90% of this server's population are freaking Paladins, there needs to be some variety, for Christ's sake. All we can do for now is hope for the best and maybe classes get them buffs one day :P.

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Afflocks: Dots just doing 1 Time Damage (25k on my Lock, when i use Corruption)

Destro: Damage isnt that good, but 80-100k is ok..

Demo: Never tried


Compared to Mages: My Frost Mage does 115k, Arcane does even up to 140-150k 

Well, Locks really need a good Buff or smth else.

Thats just my oppinion.

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