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Guess whose back? :D


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@Termination12 Long time no see pal :P. 


@The_Flash Ah, you must have joined after I left for a good amount of time. Nice to meet you ^^, I was a former Game Master and Forum Spammer for IceCold, that's how people pretty much know me :P.

@Zarallyn Well, it's been a long time. Plus, I don't work for Ice anymore, so I can't guarantee you much at this point. Keep on hoping brother.

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Oh you're back, i didnt get an answer about a gm spot when you interviewed me a few months back then i heard you left.

Never the less Welcome Back

Just because you get interviewed by a GM doesn't mean you are going to be GM or guaranteed a spot.. Kellian can't decide the next GM thats Ryan's job. So don't get your hopes up when someone asks you a few questions.

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