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[Events] Custom Event Area


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Wasn't sure if i posted it right, so i decided to move it here.



I'm kinda new here, and perhaps i'll be talking complete nonsense.


But how about events?

Make an area with different types of events, perhaps even different areas.


-Daily Quest Based Events-

Think of Stair events, maze events etc.

Each event begins with a quest giver, end obviously ends with a quest completer.

All of the quests should obviously be dailies. Each event can be completed once every 12 hours.

Pending on the severity of the event you'll be rewarded with different amounts of 'Event Cookies' or what ever.


In my opinion you shouldn't add too much gear or items linked to the events, as it takes some time to find out the order of gear already.

Perhaps add some minor 'Fun' things like a Party Grenade, Noggenfogger elixer etc for small amounts.

Might be nice to add some expensive and good items like one or two weapons, and perhaps some jewelry or tabards/shirts.

Perhaps you can add some insane quest chains, rewarding in unique items, perhaps a mount or something like that.


Green: Relatively easy to get(Should still take several runs at different events)

Red: Very hard to get(Requires days and days of farming)


-Hosted Stair Events-

As i have experienced before, it's also amazingly fun to 'host' a stair event.

A Gm/dev(Not sure who has which commands) Could create a brand new stair event, have it tested by some folks.

When everything is tested, and it's do-able, throw in a world announce.

From my experiences it will be smart to reward somewhat hard to get/good prizes perhaps some new 'Hosted event items',

not everyone will be motivated when it's about regular Event Cookies.


Looking forward to read your comments and suggestions.


Please let me know;)



Rick | Flash

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