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Hello, these are the changes that were made within the last couple months. If I am missing one more change that happened, that is because I can't remember that well.

  • Everything got statslashed by 95% to have there be new gear, mobs, etc. be put in for future projects and the large stats caused us to be so limited as to what we could of done..
  • A new Icegold Vendor NPC is in the mall. As you farm from your starter set to the last set, you would already have quite a bit of Icecold. You can use the big amount of Icegold to buy a offset item from the Vendor.
  • There is a Non-VIP World Boss named the Ice Guardian that drops weapons. Also, there is a VIP World Boss that replaces the old VIP Instance we used to have. You have to defeat most of the VIP Guards (they have a 0.1% drop chance to drop either a VIP Tabard or VIP Shirt) to get the the VIP Boss which has a low chance to drop a VIP Offset (Ring, Trinket, Necklace, Cloak)

As to why your characters are not there anymore, we have a character cleaner that will permanently delete any Non-VIP Character (does not apply to VIP accounts) that has been offline for 180+ days. There is no way to restore them once the cleaner has deleted them.

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