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More monsters/bosses


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I think you should add more monsters and bosses, that have a low drop rate on varies of items. Just to get away from the farming. it getts kinda boring. Played a server once (Can't remember the name) in stranglethorn outside the arena there was alot of mobs. dropping starter gear for all clases. in the arene was 3 hard bosses. all dropping cards t improve gear and dropping some gear too. But rare. Then in Arathi Basin there was a lot of bosses who dropped items of all sorts for all classes, gems, and items to upgrade gear. There was also a big mall with everything u needed. U would need a tank/hunter/rogue with dodge cap, to kill the hardest of the bosses effecient. I would love that kind of stuff on this too. Btw if anyone think they played the server i am trying to describe, plz tell me what the name was.

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After the starting gear vendor, ramparts drops demonic items for every class, there's a boss in our arena, we have multiple tiers of upgradeable armor and weapons, we have bosses for VIP and non-VIP, and we have 3 different malls.

There is 3 bosses wich one of them has a spwan rate of 3 hours and the other 2 arent soloable before u have farmed for like a thousands hours. This server had alot ad i mean alot of different bosses. would be gr8 to not just farm all the time

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