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Computer crashes down



hey I have a problem I hope anyone can help me 


So.. everytime I start playing wow on ice cold.. I can play for about 10 minutes.. and then my computer crashes down.. everytime! then there is a blue screen and the computer boots up agian.. 


Does anyone know why my computer always crashes down when I am playing wow ... ?!



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Your computer can crash based on certain things.

  1. Your Computer's CPU is over-heating meaning that it can't handle running the game you want to play.
  2. You do not have enough RAM to play the game.


The only way to fix issue 1 is to buy a new computer. To fix issue 2, you would have to open up your tower (or laptop if you are using one instead) and put in new RAM that you will have to buy from a store that has them.

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Thanks so much for your replies :)


I'm running a PC .. hmh and is there anything I can do about this over heating..  ?


An overheating processor will indeed mean that either your processor itself isn't good enough, (in an amount of GHz,).


Like said, RAM may be an issue as well, though not enough RAM for a game won't make your computer reboot, unless it's overheating your computer. Follow these simple steps so I can diagnose your problem, here. :)


1. Either go to Start>Run, or press the "home", and "r" keys at the same time.

2. In the "Run" tab, type "DxDiag".

3. In a couple of seconds a box will open up, and load some things. At the bottom of that page, you'll see, "Save All Information", or similar.

4. Click that, and it will begin a save process, and it'll tell you where you'd like you to save it. Preferably save it on your desktop as DxDiag.

5. Either upload the file as a .txt document on this forum topic, or simply copy and paste the text into the post.



What this will do for us is let us know what your main system requirements are, such as RAM, your Video Drivers, and processor. It'll also tell us if there are any errors in your DirectX installments, or main components.

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