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Account Security Change


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We have changed the way you change your email now. The way it goes through is that at the Email & Password screen, you will see you will be able to change your email, but under a circumstance that you have access to your email on the account. This screen will show up.

Once you press the 'Send Change Code' button, it will send a validation code that you will need to copy and paste. The validation code is randomly generated and only that code will work for the account. The email that will be sent will look something like this.




But I used a fake email when I registered?
Well then that is your fault! If your account gets compromised and you have a fake email on it, you will NOT be seeing any help from us


What if I don't have access to my old email?

Well then you must provide proof of account ownership. If you fail to provide this, we will not change the email.

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