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Suggestion For True Ice! (I think it will be GREAT to do this)


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Hello,I have a Suggestion that i would love for everyone to think about. 


When True Ice comes out i think That We should have a Launcher Like Cata That Downloads 3.3.5 also So people do not have to wait hours or Days to download it. Just a Suggestion would get more people on there like that because people that don't have it will not wait DAYS to try something anyways just a Idea. Have Fun on Icecold every peace out and Happy Holidays From Puppy

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Well, I don't think we have to worry about TBC, -or- Vanilla at the moment, or ever, (that is if Ryan isn't planning on having servers on these patches). 


But I do remember the WotLK installer being much different from the new, modern installers brought by Blizz. Nevertheless, it's a great idea, as the torrents always take forever.

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