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i cant enter game


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Here are solution if the problem is a wow error #134, #132


Fixing Error #134

Make sure your Cache folder is in your folder when running Icecold Launcher. For instance, when you run launcher than you get an error. Go to login screen for game using WoW.Exe than you will see you have Cache, than if you use launcher than you see Cache folder is gone after running it, than getting an error. It means that there is a problem with your patch. My patch automatically made me 4.3.2 somehow. Post a SS of you opening WoW Launcher with it open. Or just check top right hand corner of launcher to check what patch it is. I hope this helps. If it in fact DOES say 4.3.2 just download Utorrent than get the patch for 4.0.6a from website link on Icecold Home page.


Ways of fixing Error #132

1.Delete your IceCold.exe,Cache,and Error's folder. Then open the IceColdLauncher and click "Cataclysm". It will give you an error message, ignore that message and close it. Open and THEN close the new IceCold.exe to recreate the Cache folder. Then Run the IceColdLauncher again. Click Cataclysm,update, then login and play!

2.Delete the Interface folder. Also delete what's INSIDE the "WTF" folder DO *DELETE* THE WTF ONLY WHAT IS INSIDE IT! Then run IceCold.exe and login and play.

3.Go into your Data folder and delete ALL of the "LOCK" File's then run repair.

4. Defrag your game. You can do this by going here --->http://www.iobit.com...oster.html<---. This program can ALSO shut down background application's that MAY be causing the Error #132.

5.Sometime's Error #132 is caused by overheating of your computer. If this is the case take the side off and clean/spray the fans to get the dust out.

6.Run IceCold.Exe as Administrator.

7.Restart your computer.


Hope this helps :)

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