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I Can 't fix this fcking error please help.



This Application has encountered a critical error:

ERROR #134 (0x85100086) Fatal Condition
Program: D:\WoW\IceCold.exe

Failed to open archive Data\art.MPQ. Missing or corrupted data.
Unable to recover using data from the network.Please check your Internet connection and try again.

Press OK to terminate the application.

Who can help pls i need that answer. :no:


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Use the Re-Install Function on Icecold's Launcher. Error #134 normally means that your game got corrupted by playing a other private server that modifies those files. It will normally fix itself when you download a new Cata. WoW (Easy using Re-Install Function)

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I've had this issue. What I did is I went into the Data folder, Found Art.MPQ. Rightclicked deleted it. Then did the re-install function in the icecold launcher.

After deleting the art.mpq, uninstall your WoW. Then open the icecold-wow launcher and re-install it using the re download patch option on the launcher. It looks like a blue refresh icon.

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