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Website update 30/11/2012


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Website has been upgraded and the highlights are:


The post editor has been improved. Quotes now show in their own box as you edit, and the editor has been improved and stabilized in general.


Topics in sections such as "Help and Support" now have a "Best answer" feature, where the original topic starter can mark a reply as the "best answer" to help others having the same problem.


The mail system has been improved, reducing problems with email being lost or never arriving.


Each forum post now has a little "Share" link on the top right, if you wish to share a single post.


The automated Anti-spam system has been improved to stop bots and spammers posting on the website.


You can now top-up your own IceCold Store credit. Find the feature under My Purchases -> Account Credit.


Along with the mentioned improvements above, many smaller changes in the backend, and fixes to the website theme have improved the website as a whole!

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