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Titles for All!


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So i was wondering... it would be a nice idea to allow people to make up their own titles which will be shown right next to their name plate for a small amount of money ( 3 - 5 $-euro or whatever ). I think it would be awesome! If you decide to do so, it would be great were we able to come up with bigger names ( and by bigger, i mean more letters ) and use them.

It's just that i find no reason why there should be restrictions when it comes to picking the ideal name for your character...

You'll be surprised to see how creative some of use really are.

Thank you for your time :)

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Well, can't you guys provide us with a list of miscellaneous titles from which we can choose one, at least? And perhaps buy them with in game credit ( not too expensive :D )?

Apart from that, is there any way you could add an ironbound proto drake in the game? You got plauge proto drake, so why not ironound? It is, by the way, one of the coolest mounts in wow and it is a shame we do not get to have it :)

Thanks anyway, be seeing ya

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